Friday, October 7, 2011

Dutch Pancakes

Last week I suddenly craved pancakes. And when I say pancakes I don't mean those little thick ones they serve in an American breakfast and I also don't mean the super thin ones the French call crepes. I craved the oldfashioned Dutch Pannenkoek!

So I put flower, milk and eggs in a bowl and whicked it all together in a fluffy batter with lots of airbubbles. And ofcourse I added a pinch of salt.

I heated up the butter and baked the first one, which always ends up crappy. Then I started the first good one by frying bacon and then adding the batter. Three minutes on one side, then flipping it and let it bake another two minutes. I baked 8 of them in total.

I put them on a heated plate. Sprinkled them with Stroop, rolled them up and added some more Stroop. I ate four of them in the afternoon and put the other four in the fridge for dinner. Oh man, did I get fat that day! And oh man, did I choose the wrong lens for photographing food!

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rp said...

I still like them pictures though! :-)