Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy New Hair!

The world's number one husband got a haircut today and he surprised me by going all short again. Looks great on him! If you're living in the area of Boston, you should definately go check him out this week, because that's where he's staying. Approach him with a smile. Don't feed him mushrooms. Don't ask for his autograph. Just pet him gently on his fresh hairdo.


Eran Evan said...

What a cutie!!! Looks like a 23 year old brat.

Paul in NYC said...

Well, if he'd come to New York City I'd be happy to pat him on the head. Or anywhere else he wanted (like, on the shoulder...).

daan said...

He does! Definately not the 38 years old he's supposed to be according to his 2nd passport*.

*) which he needed because he visited your country ;))

daan said...

You can pat him anywhere Paul... just don't fee him mushrooms.

Why does it feel like I'm whoring out my husband?

Eran Evan said...

My country is always a place for a fresh start or a new password. Its a known worldwide fact.
I think you should take a full set of photos of the New Peter and not just this snapshot.

BTW, how come there is still no counter- comment from Roache?

Craig said...

Boston is so much fun! there are tons of things to do. if he has time Peter should jump up the coast to Salem and visit the House of Seven Gables.