Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kylie's 25th

Here's that other tiny big lady again. 2012 marks the 25th year of Kylie Minogue's carreer. She started back in 1987 and I had absolutely no interest in this sweet and safe Australian singer. Face it, she wasn't Madonna.

It took me untill 1994 before I really noticed her in an outstanding way, in the video for Confide In Me, which at first I didn't even recognize as a Kylie video. From then on she got me more and more interested in her work, still with the video Come Into My World as the biggest highlight.

In 2002 we started to follow her on tour. Her concert during the Fever tour in that year is still one of my favourite concerts I've ever attended.

She has been compared to Madonna a lot, she was even called a copycat. Not completely fair. Kylie was the first of them to put a song called Celebration on her Greatest Hits album and who was jumping ropes during her concerts back in 2002? Exactly! They inspire each other and I love them both for different reasons.

Later this year she will release a collection of accoustic versions of her most beautiful songs from the last 25 years. Below is a montage of all the videos she made over the years. Happy 25th Kylie!


Lud said...

I don't think it will be acoustic versions but orchestral versions ;-) Recorded at the Abbey Road Studios.
Last week a video recording of "finer feelings" has been released.
Stunning (in my opinion)

daan said...

I know, those were the ones I was reffering to. Accoustic, orchestral.... all the same to me. Different from the album versions ;)

Lud said...

Ohhh ok ;-) I'm a "pietlut", annoying me...