Sunday, January 29, 2012

Museum Het Valkhof

This afternoon we visited Museum "Het Valkhof" in Nijmegen. It was grey and cold, so a perfect day for some indoor artsy fartsy activity!

There was ancient religious art.

There was creepy modern art.

And then there was the exhibition by Erik Sep. A young, Dutch artist who created a beautiful fantasyland in miniature. Awesome installations made out of everything you can imagine. Miniature Railway 2.0 (but no train running through this afternoon). His cities exist of graffiti and decay, but also a lot of new buildings being built. And that's the beauty of this installation. It's never finished and Erik keeps working on it while it's on display. Awesome!

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Cliff said...

Erik Sep is my teacher, he's a loveable guy wih loads of passion for what he's doing. His project is amazing.