Saturday, January 7, 2012

New VS Old

Funny how my newest item of clothing looks so much like my oldest item. Last week I bought this great SesameStreet T-Shirt from S.Oliver. They celebrate 35 Years of Sesamestreet with a cool collection of SesameStreet T-Shirts.

The little red one on the right are my old pajamas. Red shirt and pants with Bert & Ernie on the chest. Bought by my parents in the 1970's and one of the two pieces of clothing I never gave away. Safely stored in a dust- and mothfree case.

But look at Bert's face! That's how Bert's face is supposed to look like. Grumpy! Reading a book on pigeons when Ernie forced him to pose for this picture. The Bert on my new shirt looks way to happy. A lot has changed since the 1970's *cough* Disney *cough* and Bert seems to be on some kind of medicine which makes him smile a little bit too much.


ennalegov said...

Bad Disney! Too many prozac for Bert (typical American ;-)

MAC said...

I wish I would of kept some of my t-shirts. My favorite was the one from the Dallas TV show. It had a picture of JR Ewing on it and it said, "I shot JR". CLASSIC!!!

TRN said...

OK that is your new shirt.... Telll us about the jeans in the previous post! What happened?