Sunday, March 11, 2012


Devotion? Am I getting religious? Am I gonna devote the rest of my life to Him? Or Her? Nah, don't worry, still the same old atheist that I was before. Just visited a nice Sanctuary I always love to go to. Kevelaer, just over the border in Germany has nothing but a whole bunch of churches and it just looks pretty with all the candles and stuff.


Craig said...

I wonder what was on this site before it became a shrine to Mary?
Many, many site in Europe that have Mary shrines or cathedrals are actually literally placed on top of the site where local goddess worship occurred.
This was a quick and easy way for the early Catholic church to incorporate local beliefs and easy attraction of local worshipers.
Which makes me want to dig up the truth behind the shrine(almost literally)

daan said...

Well, in the case of Kevelaer, some dude back in 1642 personally received 3 messages from Mary to build her a chapel. Not one message but three! That's how Mary was and still is; nag nag nag.

Well, in the end he listened and build the chapel for her. Now it stands there and attracts christians. And homos.