Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Koninginnedag 2012

Yes, my loyal followers! It's that time of the year again! If you are fed up with pictures of happy people with silly faces, scroll down. If you can't get enough of them (like myself) enjoy this selection. The photos were taken by Peter, my sister, myself and everyone else who got their hands on the camera. And again, they look exactly like all the pictures from the years before.

We started our marathon of booze and music and fun on Sunday evening. Meal at my sister's, friends arriving and off to the city.

The next day, after a delicious breakfast we went into the city again, searching for knick knacks, drinking a beer and enjoying music (while having a beer). The best stage in town is still the one built over the street, so that's where we spent most of our time.

After dark the city got empty. A lot of people had to work the day after, but not us. So we had another beer and danced the night away.
The next morning we skipped and slept into the afternoon. A very nice after-gathering with a glass of wine (no beer) and sushi in the evening. Koninginnedag 2012 was a very good one again!


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