Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today, 39 years ago, a mother gave birth to a child. Happens all the time, I hear you think, which is true, but this was a special child. This boy that was born on June 13th 1973 is now the boy I may proudly call my husband. And it's his birthday today! 

Baby, (I never call you baby... so this sounds silly)... Menneke, a big fat kiss on both cheeks and one on the lips and I love you so fucking much that I'm NOT going to place Madonna's silly Birthday Song in this post!

And for all the people wanting to congratulate him themselves, you can do so by visiting his Tumblr page YBWUJW.


Writer said...

Many happy returns. And boy! He's a cutie! Happy Birthday! :)

Roache said...

You are the sweetest husband a boy can wish for! XOXO YOLO NO HOMO GPOY X