Monday, June 18, 2012


I love it when my parents return from their vacation! Not only because I like them to be around, but also because of the fantastic pictures my dad takes during their trips. Every time he comes back with a picture like this. A dead animal on the side of a road. Roadkill. A fox this time. Still intact, so freshly run over.


iug; said...

This is sad. And offensive. I don't know what kick your dad gets from this, but the fact that you post it with gleeful celebration of a dead animal losing it's life; for mere sensationalistic purposes makes me worry about your psyche. Do you laugh when budding serial killers torture neighborhood cats? Or, do you torture them yourself? I wonder. Either way, dude, grow up, or get some therapy.

daan said...

I don't laugh when cats are tortured. I hate it when animals are abused.

But you have to be realistic. Shit happens and millions of animals get killed each year. I praise myself for seeing the beauty in a photo like this. If you find it offensive... so be it.