Thursday, September 6, 2012

9 to 5

Working 9 to 5 these days. What a way to make a living! And I mean that in the most positive sense.

One day before we went on vacation I heard I got the job I applied for. After weeks of assessments and job-interviews I finally got that job.

And now I've already been filling three weeks with my new job. I almost feel like a normal person and I enjoy every minute of it. Great company, great bunch of co-workers and learning new things every day.

The only downside is that I don't find the time to update my blog as much as I want to. Can you forgive me?


Roache said...

In all honesty: no I can't forgive you. Now update, or go vacuum, it's up to you :-)

Tonnya said...

Oh, congratulations!!! xxo

TRN said...

I can't either, but anyway.....Congrats man, and good luck!!

glen0330 said...

Great to hear you like the new job. With the great stuff you post, I do not mind a few days between posts.