Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spare Time

Now I'm a working man, I have to get used to spending my spare time to the max. I've been in training for my new job for 6 weeks now and next week I'm released free into the wild.

Next week I won't be working mondays through fridays from 8:30 - 5:00 anymore, but my days will be more at random. So next week I have two days off in the middle of the week and I can't decide what to do first. Read this new John Irving that's been luring me for two weeks? Or get my paint out and create this painting stuck inside my head for some days now.

I never would have thought I would appreciate this job so much. It's nothing big or special, but I enjoy it so much. And I guess I will appreciate my days off waaaaay more than I did in the last 4 years. I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

Roache said...

Please paint the washing-room. Or was that not what you had in mind?

Mwuhuhuuuu. I say, paint. Create me some art.