Sunday, September 16, 2012

Step Back in Time

After a very nice surprise party for my sister's birthday last night, it was time for us to step back in time today. 

So we head to the Open Air Museum here in Arnhem and strolled around, enjoyed the sun, the beer and our national history. Dr. Zephyr's office was open on this Sunday, but he didn't look like he wanted company today.

One exhibition in the museum is about regular Dutch people who collect stuff. In the past I already focussed on the guy collecting barf bags from all over the world, but this collection of mooney-boxes is also a pleasure for the eyes.

At the end of the day we also enjoyed the gardens. Late in summer and still blooming and impressing. Mother Nature is so kind for us. We don't deserve that!

What we DID deserve however was a nice beer at the end of the day in the good company of my sister and brother in law, who finally decided to have breakfast and showers late in the afternoon. Another day well spent!

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