Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall & Funghi

Afternoon off and fall... or autumn as the english say. Temperatures are warm, it's humid, so these are the ideal situations for mushrooms to pop. And the ideal situation for us to head for the forest. And yes, there were mushrooms (or funghi as the italians and cooks call them). But also beautifully coloured trees. And cows bulls. And we pet them. And one licked my hand. And we became friends and we now wanna have a cattle of cows on our balcony.... but we can't. Because our balcony is filled with plants.


Roache said...

Now, (c)lick this link and quivver in fear!

daan said...

Bulls around Arnhem are definately more people-friendly! I can still smell his tongue when I hold my hand against my nose.