Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Hottest Boy in the World

I really have no clue who this guy is, but I must confess it's the hottest boy I've posted on my Tumblr page in a long, long time. If anyone can give me a name, leave a comment. I wanna send him a big bouquet of flowers for being just him.


scotrock said...


I came across this:

which led me to this:

who may be your man!


daan said...

Cool! You did some nice work, inspector Clouseau! That must be him!

scotrock said...

Not such a good Clouseau after all, Daan. I only realised later that both links I sent you pointed to tgrade5's tumblr. I couldn't get the correct link to work last night but I did this evening, so here is your hot hot boy's blog (though I'm sure you will have already figured this all out):

And, I must totally agree with you. He's hot.

Anonymous said...

it's of course famous Chris Crocker, his own tumblr:

daan said...

This is not Chris Crocker. Chris Crocker is not as hot and masculin as this very funny Australian guy I've been following for some weeks now.