Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inside of Me

Today I had a camera crew up my ass. Which is not something happening to me every day, so today was kind of special.

Been having stomach aches for months now and since they got worse in the last few weeks I decided to pay my doctor a quinquennial visit. 

She decided to throw me a party today and send some people into me. So this morning I laid down on my side and three people entered me from behind. With cameras. And shovels. And pickaxes. They spent about an hour inside and came back with relatively good news. 

It's not a tumor, it's not cancer, but I do indeed have an infection. I will hear more about the infection in two weeks, but at the moment I'm already very much relieved it's not The Big C. That was Peter's biggest fear. Peter, the best husband in the world. Who guided me through this morning with the combination of a professional and a lover rolled into one fantastic person!


KDNA said...

i've done this twice.

the best part of the proces (other than getting good news!!) are the drugs they give you to keep you nice and mellow! who needs poppers?!

James Out West said...

Hey Daan:

Glad to know you got a clean bill of health.
Ageing gracefully....