Sunday, November 8, 2009


And again a sunday well spent! Today we visited Amsterdam with my mom. Peter got tickets for a concert on his birthday last summer, so he and my mom went to the (very early) concert. I enjoyed the sunny morning walking around in our capital which I hadn't visit in years. The "Rijksmuseum" is very quiet early in the morning, so I spent some time there as well, gazing at the coolest clock ever!

At noon I picked them up again, we had a bite at a great italian lunchroom in one of the more posh streets and then we visited the recently opened Hermitage Amsterdam. Ofcourse not the same as the one in St. Petersburg, according to Peter, but still a great museum about Russian History and the link they had with The Netherlands.


Tonnya said...

Never been to Europe but Amsterdam is definitely on the list. Fabulous fotos as ever. Oh, giant letters you make me smile.

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

How did I miss these fabulous photos? Just awesome!