Monday, March 1, 2010

I Feel It! She's Coming!

On May 15th Lady Gaga visits my city for her Monster Ball Tour. And ofcourse I will try to score tickets for me and my friends to see this show! Her performances on television have all been really creative and stunning, so I am really curious how this woman fills a complete show! Too bad the show will take place in a crappy stadium, but I really don't think I can convince all my friends to visit her in Bercy, Paris. Maybe I can convince Peter, but I won't even try. Wanna see this concert with all of my friends!


Yvonne said...

We are going as well, but we're trying to get tickets for Antwerp as it's much closer, and I dislike the Gelredome.
That is, provided we get tickets of course..

daan said...

Cool! I hate Gelredome as well, but then again, a Gaga concert in the backyard is pretty fun as well.

Still, I would have preferred to go to Bercy!

Roache said...

Come on, it's fun to walk to a concert. Remember the Spice Girls, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Britney, Marco B....arrf :-)

daan said...

I only did that walk to Madonna and the Spice Girls, my beloved one!