Thursday, May 6, 2010

Landschaftspark Duisburg

Memorial day in The Netherlands yesterday, so what do you do? You visit your former oppressor! We drove to Duisburg in Germany, north of the city lies the beautiful Landschaftspark. A former steelfactory that is now open to the public and over the years grew into a beautiful combination of steel, concrete and a lot of trees. Most of the factory is open to the public, some halls are now theatres and a great part of the former cole sheds are transformed into an impressive complex of climbing walls.

We spent all afternoon strolling around this area, climbing the towers and enjoying the steel structures. If you ever visit Germany, don't skip the Ruhr Area. It used to be a depressive place, but nowadays there's much beauty to find. Because of that, the whole Ruhr Area became The European Capital of Culture 2010.


Roache said...

What a beautiful strange place!

ennalegov said...

Amazingly beautiful! I request a birthday present!!!!! One of your best sets ever! I LOVE how you were able to capture the atmosphere!!!!!

Tassendief said...

Those pictures!