Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paws Up! Lady Gaga in Arnhem

She did surprise me last night! I am a sucker for good Pop Music, and Lady Gaga really delivered some great pop over the last two years. But seeing her in concert made me realize she's more than just pop culture. She's an excellent singer and musician. Her concert (first big tour) looked a lot like the big spectacles we visit so often, but her voice really made the difference. Amazing!

For a woman with only one real album out (okay, and some tracks for the re-issue of that first album) she delivered a complete show, featuring her most common hits as well as some more obscure work. And she did a beautiful version of Stand by Me, in honour to the only survivor of the planecrash in Libia last week.

But the best part of the evening were our friends. Great people, all of them and all unique. Some their basic selves, some dressed up in Mickey Mouse ears or wigs with cans in them, but all enjoying the concert, the evening, the company and the beer afterwards!

Silly me brought his camera, but left his memory card at home, so all these pictures are taken by Enna. Oh, and if you want some more, visit Cos for some really great pictures as well!

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