Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zollverein Essen

A lovely day in Germany again. After visiting the Landschaftspark in Duisburg some weeks ago, we now went to Zollverein in Essen. Again, an industrial complex with a new function. These old coal mines now contain museums, restaurants and concert halls. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas designed the beautiful escalators which take you to the top of the building and he also did a lot of the inside, like the orange staircase below. Really worth visiting when you're in the neighbourhood! More info here.


Eran Evan said...

amazing photos, Love the contrasting colors on the Gloomy Grey skies Back ground.

as In israeli - Its keeps Me amazed to see How easy it is for you to Just "jump over" to a neighbouring country for a quick visit and come back. Its such a Miracle to me. for me - anything concerning something in Europe starts from at least 350-400$ per person (and there's two, as you know) :-)

daan said...

Yeah, must be weird to see me move in and out of countries. No passport needed and just an hour drive. Okay, belgium will take me about 1,5 hours and France even 3 hours! But still, I live closeby and cheap.

rp said...

Very great pictures! I'm for sure gonna remember this place for when I'm in the neighbourhood on the next holiday (just returned from one and now back-reading your blog :-) ).