Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Hit: Christophe Maé - Je me lâche

Hurray for this personal summer hit of 2010! Normally Peter and I play our iPod on vacation. And yes, we're sick fucks for playing certain artists in certain areas. That's why we name passes in the French mountains by the artist instead of the real name (by the way, the Alcazar pass was lovely this year, but the Sophie Ellis Bextor pass was closed unfortunately).

This year we had the radio on. We tuned in to the french NRJ station, which is known to us as the big sponsor for Madonna's concerts in Paris. NRJ knows how to create a summer hit! They play about 5 songs over and over through the day. Unlike Dutch stations who proudly declare they never play the same song twice during a day.

Well, one of the songs was Je Me Lâche by Christophe Maé. That song was forced into our ears the most I guess so I officially declare it as Summer Hit of 2010!

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