Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Hooked Up

Hi Daan
I saw you walking down
the street right now, you
look fucking hot. Wanna
meet for coffee later on,
or maybe a quick fuck?
Let me know hot stuff!

Love Barry


Are you kidding me? You
gave me your number @ pride
last saturday. We made out,
you licked my piercing and
said to visit you in Arnhem.

No idea who you are.
Sorry, was I that drunk?

Apparently you were.

Oh god, I'm really sorry.
I'm a married man.

Please tell me it's not that
stick-figure you left with :(
Okay never mind, give
me a shout if you change
your mind.

My bf is no stick figure.
He's a tall handsome man
and I don't think I will
change my mind after 17 years.
Sorry for the incomvenience.

Okay, that scared the shit out of me this afternoon. When I told Peter tonight he couldn't contain himself and bursted out in laughter. He just discovered how to send txt messages from his Blackberry, a phonenumber I didn't recognize. Bastard! And good for you now you know how I think about us! And good for me I gave all the right answers!


Roache said...

Honestly Vanessa, who would do such a thing?

Eran Evan said...

Hysterical and yep - it's so reassuring that strangely - in such situations - we know how to give the right answers. maybe, at the end of the day, we're not the Whores we consider ourselves to be.

daan said...

Hahahaha, indeed Eran, I never thought to be so demure!

(I can finally use the word demure! Hurray!)

ennalegov said...

Hurray for Peter (and Daan providing the right answers, pfiew!)