Saturday, June 18, 2011


Holy crap! Even after 29 years I can't hear the soundtrack of E.T. or see pictures like these without welling up. It has nothing to do with my mood. Whether I'm happy or sad, tired or jumping around vividly, it always gets me right in the heart. E.T. was probably the first movie I ever saw that completely sucked me up into the story. And I know a lot of people find it an easy tearjerker, so call me an easy guy. I can watch sadder movies without feeling a thing, but E.T... nope, sorry, can't watch it. Makes me cry.


Mind Of Mine said...

I never got the whole E.T hype. Everyone I know absolutely loves it. I guess I am just a heartless bastard.

daan said...

Well, people always described as the heartless bastard, so that's why I still wonder why an obvious tearjerker as E.T. has such an effect on me.

Can't be the hype. I was 8 years old and not hypable yet.