Thursday, June 16, 2011


Every now and then, when I really have nothing to do, I visit A really good source on rollercoasters. You can click on the upperleft icon on the page to see random coasters from all over the world.

I'm a daredevil. Not afraid of rollercoasters (okay, except for that panic attack high up the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas so many years ago...). But when I found this Chinese coaster called "Outer Space Flying Car" the other day I found one that I would never ever ride!

Is it the way it looks? Nah, I've seen rolercoasters that look more decaded. Is it the small looping? Nah, not afraid of hanging upside down here! Is it the restraints that are duct taped to hold them together? Perhaps. That doesn't look very safe. No, most of all it's the guy working there. Not interested at all. Maybe it's because he has no visitors at all, but really, would you trust him strapping you in and sending you up that tube? No way! Na'Ah!

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rp said...

I don't see any reason in visiting the whole park btw. ;-)

daan said...

Me neither... but then again, I'm not a beach person :)