Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Barbie's Killing Box

Really like the way Greenpeace made Ken even look gayer than he already is in this ad that warns about Barbie's box killing animals by taking down rainforests in Indonesia. So that little plastic lady has one murderous box! That amazes me. I undressed so many Barbie dolls and never saw her box.

Anyway, if you like Barbie's box harmless again, click here.


rp said...

At first, I liked the campaign, a lot!
But Mattel tried talking to Greenpeace about solutions multiple times and Greenpeace didn't react. They just went on with their campaign. There are more companies like Mattel that use 'bad carton'. Mattel just has the 'bad luck' of having a wide known product that addresses to a wide audience...

daan said...

I still like the campaign a lot, even when I read that statement. I understand they picked the big player, the one that appeals internationally. Sure Mattel wanted to talk, but that doesn't change the bigger issue.