Saturday, June 11, 2011

... If You're a Boy or a Girl

Aaaaah, this video is so 1991! A young Robert Jeffrey performing Madonna's Vogue in one of those video studio's that popped up everywhere in the early 90's. Great performance of a 9 year old Jeffrey!

I was 16 in that year and waaaaay more reserved than him. I remember walking past these video studio's in Amsterdam and all I could think of was performing to a Madonna tune! But at age 16 I was much more aware of myself (and my sexuality) than when I was 9. I was always in doubt. Would I dress up in the Blond Ambition Vogue costumes Madonna's dancers were wearing ( I did, on several occasions, although it was more a cheap rip-off wearing my Palladiums and Mac & Maggie clothes) or would I be the example of a regular guy who happened to be gay? Often I chose that second option.

So I applaud to people like Jeffrey who didn't give a shit and performed their 9 year old asses off! And thanks for sharing this link with me, Tonnya!


Anonymous said...

yes, he's great!:)

ennalegov said...

Aaaa, little Fredje! :-)How sweet