Saturday, July 30, 2011

Peter in Israel

Peter spent last week in Israel. Based in Tel Aviv, but also a trip to Jerusalem. And although the pictures may show something else, this really was a work trip. With some creative flight-planning Peter proved he can make business into a vacation. A well deserved vacation!


Roache said...

Cool! I wish I was there!

Eran Evan said...

And what's Peter impression of TelAviv's unbearable heat? On wednesday, quite spontaneously me and my boy ran off to Berlin for a week. Its cool and rainy here, which will only make the coming-back-to-TLV shock much harsher.

Roache said...

@ Eran: The heat caused me to appear (for the first time in my career) without tie and suit-jacket. It was brutally hot, indeed, though as you can see I spent most of my time in the sea :-)