Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm a garlic lover! A big fat, Dutch garlic lover. Nothing wrong with that. You just don't want to french me after dinner if you hate garlic.

But yesterday when I cooked for myself and used as much garlic as I do when I cook for two, I really got a tummy-ache an hour after I finished my delicious pasta dish. Is there something like eating too much garlic?

I had this once before. Last year on vacation. First night, salad with tomatoes and garlic and after a few bites of that lovely salad I threw up in my mouth and seconds later I was vommiting all over the campground. So what does garlic do to your stomach? Any of my viewers have an answer?


Roache said...

Garlic does wonders for your skin, heart and fur. But moderately. En je moet spellingschecken. But seriously Daan, there was nothing wrong with your breath.You ooze garlic continously that the house is impregnated with it. No-one notices anymore.

Brian said...

I think the explosive vomiting was more likely food poisoning from the greens or tomatoes. But sometimes I'll roast a whole head of garlic and can't stop until I've eaten all the cloves. That will give me a little tummy ache.