Sunday, September 4, 2011


So after a 7-minute wedding last Monday and a Dudok-style breakfast* afterwards Peter and I hit the road to the South of France again. At the German border we picked up a hitchhiker who was gonna harvest grapes in the South of Switzerland. On our road, so we took him all the way to Bern. Interesting guy with an angel-like face, quietly in the backseat of our car.

*) almost raw eggs, no bottle of water which was ordered, orange juice all over the plates, you know, Dudok....

The village of Saillans knew we got married so they decorated their whole mainstreet with flags for us. Who told you the French are unfriendly???

We found our favourite spot in the world at ease. Surrounded by grapes and very desolated off season, we almost had the campground to ourselves. Almost. Because grape season took place, loads and loads of hippies from all over France invaded the Drôme Provençale and since every hippie has a dog we were woken up every morning by an orchestral composition, written and performed by around 20 dogs.

But hey, we also had our heavenly little pebble beach at the river. That's where we spent our days. Reading, swimming, sleeping, sunbathing and enjoying food and drinks. Heaven I tell you!

Oh! And as you can see it was cloudy as well! Look at that little cloud ruining our perfectly sunny day!

But hey! It wasn't all heaven! One afternoon was a complete HELL! The Muddy Swamp Zombie which we met in July was back! And this time he was covered in mud completely and wanted even more mud! It's hard to run away on bare feet at a pebbled beach, so we had to be clever and Peter came up with the idea to tame the Muddy Swamp Zombie. In the end he turned out to be very friendly and social. Almost like myself.

We had a nice afternoon in the end. He ate some mud, we ate bread and cheese and we discussed the various kinds of muds in the South of France. Mud is much cheaper there, we concluded. So that's probably why the Muddy Swamp Zombie has never been spotted North of Lyon.


Mind Of Mine said...

Did you really get married. Even covered in mud, that dude is kinda hot.

Tassendief said...

Fantastische foto's, Daan! Met als topper die van Peter, links onderin het hoekje. Wat een sfeer wordt daar neergezet! Kus!

J@v@JuNKo said...

Once again a great trip of photos, it looked so relaxing....and Return of Swamp Homo!!!! aaaaaaah! I bet the part three will be in 3D!!!

Ansgar said...

Just married? Really? Congrats to both of you!!! Wish you all the best guys!