Monday, February 20, 2012

Bowling With "Our" Troops

So last weekend I spent in Germany. But it didn't feel like a German weekend at all. No bratwurst, no sauerkraut and no portraits of Angela Merkel on any of the walls I saw.

Instead I saw corndogs, Poptarts, beef jerky and a lot of portraits of unknown generals. I spent my weekend on a US Military base and it really felt like being in the United States. Amazing to see how they took everything with them into their little island on German grounds. And being in Little America it felt appropriate to use my new Hipstamatic Americana lens!

On Saturday we went bowling (ofcourse, because that's what Americans do on a Saturday night). I really suck at bowling, but I had fun. It did feel weird realizing the guys and girls in the other alleys have had such different lives than me. Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's not what I did in my 20's. It was a very special weekend to me.

Oh and there was Milk. Milk for skinny people like me in red. Milk for regular people like you in yellow. And Milk for fat people like my sister (since she quit smoking) in green.

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