Thursday, April 26, 2012


This mug has my name written all over it! Well, it has the name "optimist" written all over it, but you get my point. I'm an optimist. And proud of it! My glass (or in this case mug) is always half full.

I remember way back when I had a Facebook account, so many people have a negative base. Complaining about work, complaining about the small things in life and complaining about the bigger issues. One of the reasons I left Facebook last year.

And like a real optimist, I'll finish this post with positivism; you can buy these cute mugs at Pigeon Toe.


tyeti said...

So you mean it should be called Sadfacebook then? Well, well, weren't you a trifle pessimistic in your judgement?
Just kidding, Daan. Actually, I'm not far from thinking the same.
I positively love this mug on your post. But have you seen the price tag ?! I know it's hand-made and all but nevertheless... Aargh!
I hope you're well, young man.

daan said...

I'm very well! And very optimistic! Ceramics are expensive when you want to buy the good stuff, remember my pornographic tea-cups?

How are you, my friend?

J@v@JuNKo said...

Looks like a great addition to my collection!!! But my coffee mug is never half empty, it doesn't sit long enough to be half gone!!