Thursday, July 12, 2012


News from Switzerland! And since it's in the German speaking part of Switzerland I can finally use the word Weltneuheit on my blog.

CabriO is a topless cablecar and the world’s first of this kind. It's located near Lucerne and brings you to the top of the Stanserhorn.

The CabriO is the replacement of the old cablecar from 1975, and before this one was established, the visitors of the Stanserhorn even traveled the steep slope up to the summit with a funicular railway. Today, the funicular is only used to bring passengers from Stans at the valley bottom to the lower station of the CabriO. 

In contrast to normal cable cars, the cabins of the CabriO are not attached on one wire cable to its top, but on two to its sides. Thanks to this, the passengers enjoy an unobstructed 360° view on the 2320 m long ride.

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