Monday, July 9, 2012

Wendy, I'm Home.

Yesterday we spent the day in Amsterdam. Goal for the afternoon: the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition in the newly opened film museum EYE. This beautiful slick building is located across the water of the Amsterdam Central Station. So after a quick ferry ride and a run through the rain we reached our destination.

After a short waiting line we entered the exhibition and oh my Grady Twins, what a beautiful collection this is! There were several rooms, all dedicated to one of Kubrick's movies. The rooms were filled with props, scripts, letters, posters and everything else you can imagine.

Centered in these rooms was a large film screen which showed memorable scenes from the movies. Along with the props this gave some great photo opportunities.

My favourite room was ofcourse room 237 The Shining room. Large screen with beautiful scenes, a miniature of the maze, Jack typewriter, Wendy's knive and ofcourse the blue dresses worn by the Grady Twins. We spent quite some time there, but also a lot of time in the Music Room. Dedicated to how geniously Kubrick uses music in his movies.

When we were finished we got on the boat back. The sun was shining (no pun intended) and we spent the rest of the afternoon in Amsterdam. Drinking a beer, eating Thai food and strolling around. We finished early in the evening with coffee and then it was time to head down to the newly built Ziggo Dome for a nice little concert.

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J@v@JuNKo said...

Looked like a Kubrick cool day!!