Sunday, October 21, 2012

20 Years of S.E.X.

Not only did I celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madonna's Erotica yesterday, it was also 20 years ago since she released her iconic book SEX.

I remember that day so well. I skipped school and went to Amsterdam by train to get me a copy.

There was a short line, a pile of copies in foil and a bunch of money in my pocket. And I bought my beloved book! I sat down in the sun on a terrace and opened the book with scissors I got from the waiter and together with a bunch of curious ladies I flipped through the book. Pages filled with stunning shots by Steven Meisel, portraying sexual fantasies by my icon. Women and men, women and women and men and men. And even a little dog. Ofcourse the influence of this book didn't have the impact like in, for example, the USA. I live in a liberal country that is very open in sex, but still, artistically, this book definately left its mark.

I remember one time trying to masturbate on the content of this book, but that was a very hard task. The metal of the cover on your naked legs while sitting on the toilet... brrrrr, so cold!

Later on I bought a second copy which is still on my bookshelf, sealed like it was sealed 20 years ago.

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