Sunday, September 19, 2010

François Sagat Doll

Tonnya sent me this picture through Facebook. A François Sagat Doll which is at the top of my Sinterklaas wishlist! Does anyone know if this is a real thing? And more important; does anyone have a link where I can buy this doll? Okay, I admit that the face is a bit too cheerfull, but I really want this broad shouldered hairy François Doll!


Kevin said...

haha! hope that's a prototype --- that face is NOT f/s.

daan said...

Tonnya did some research and it's indeed not an official Francois doll:) It's a Tom of Finland doll modified by artist Chan Sama. With the limitations of the exsisiting doll, he did the job pretty well, but I agree on the face, it's not the cool Francois we know (and love).