Monday, September 20, 2010


WhitePod is a stunning group of little domes in the Swiss Alps. Eco-friendly, cosy and cute little houses with a beautiful view on the surrounding mountains.

A pod is a geodesic structure anchored on wooden platforms, and naturally isolated from the cold and the snow. All pods are equipped with wood-burning stoves, organic luxury bedding and full services bathrooms. At the center of the 15 pods, stands a charming early 1800's wooden chalet where guests meet for breakfast in the morning or gather in the evening around its central fireplace for evening drinks and socializing. The recently built spa guarantees complete relaxation after an active day in the forest or on the ski slopes.

I want to go to there!

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ennalegov said...

This is a place you want your holiday at for 2 weeks and don't leave the house (even though outside it looks pretty good as well, but still: hmmmmmm)