Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Museum of Letters

We all know that beautiful Neon Graveyard near Las Vegas. Big signs, dumped and preserved. The Museum of Letters in Berlin houses a huge collection of rescued letters that were once part of large store and factory name signs in Germany.

With the current rise in popularity of typography and a desire to preserve the past before it is too late, the Museum of Letters has been attracting crowds since its opening four years ago.


Tonnya said...

Ahhhh! Another place to add to my ever growing Must Visit list.

daan said...

Ofcourse I had you on my mind when I posted this post :))

Eran Evan said...

when I strarted reading it I hoped it would be in one of our soon-to-happen destinations and indeed - Berlin is one of ther. in 3 weeks time - I will have this museum to go to.
thanks love :-)

daan said...

You're welcome! And send me a review!