Sunday, March 13, 2011


After two weeks I'm back! With a new number. #164 is our new number and in the last two weeks we made it our own. Last weekend of February we moved with help from friends and family. The white cube was filled with our own stuff and within a few days it felt like home. The cats feel at home as well, but the first days were all about exploring, smelling and trying things out. They've been everywhere!

Some of our animals adapted a lot easier. Here are the four of them sitting in the bedroom, waiting for the moment of truth... who ends up in bed with us?

In the last two weeks I didn't feel like sitting behind my Mac. It felt the same as when I come home from a long vacation. The Mac scares me. I was really postponing my first blog-post. At the same time I couldn't wait sharing some pics of the new house with my readers! So finally, after two weeks, my first bunch of iPhone pictures taken over the last two weeks.

Yesterday we bought a table and chairs from the Dutch equivalent of ebay. We picked it up at a guy called Berry and Berry was a very fit, young guy in a white t-shirt with massive arms. He helped us carry the glass table to the car as well as the chairs. Unfortunately that was all the service he provided, but Peter and I discussed Berry all the way to Arnhem. And we decided we hate Brenda, his girlfriend.

So after 4 years of being table-less we finally have one again and I can finally show friends and family my improvements in cooking over the last years!

The fact that we have a table and the fact that I haven't been blogging says a lot about this new house. We can finally live a life in a regular house. Not just using upstairs like we did in our previous place. Our evenings are spent in a livingroom, together with our cats, cooking and socializing. Listening to music, watching television and enjoying every m2 of our fantastic new place!

In the next days I will also provide you with some pics of the rest of the house.


J@v@JuNKo said...

Welcome Back blogger #164. It looks like an page right out of InStyle Magazine! The table looks awesome! The cats have that "OMG where am I" look! Looks all like a home to me!! Where's the "Like" button?

Lud said...

Welcome back, I love the table. Can't wait to have a great dinner there ;-)
Actually I love all with a perfect view.

sam scott schiavo said...

Welcome back! All the best with the new house, the cats looks happy and the rooms look fabulous!

rp said...

Nice to have you back! The house looks great already, I don't know how your old 'house' was, but considering your description, this sounds and looks like a leap forward!

Tonnya said...

The new place looks marvelous! Glad to have you back :)

Kevin said...

Happy Housewarming! Everything looks great and I just love the decor! I like the idea of a vase on the floor....hmmmm....

by the way, I've yet to meet a "Brenda" that I liked!

Craig said...

Welcome back and congrats on the new space!

I am glad to see I am not the only adult with stuffed animals :)

I have missed your postings the last couple of weeks...looks like you put that time to good work!

daan said...

Thanks guys! We worked on a tight budget, so it's great to see these positive comments on this room!

JavaJunko told me before we even started: budget is not important, having good taste is. And he was very right about that!

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back. missed you.
and i love what you guys did with the white cube. :)
and javajunko knows what he's talkin' about. you did really great job with decorating your home. xo