Friday, March 18, 2011

Surprise at the End of the Roll

This morning after pooping I discover great treasure in our toilet! I finished the paper on the roll and saw the Aqua Tube! I heard so much about the Aqua Tube but never actually saw it with my own two blue eyes. It's a flushable toilet roll! A great invention for lazy people who don't want to walk all the way to the kitchen to throw the roll in the garbage bin.

Ofcourse I had to try it and YES, it worked! It vanished when it hit the water, creating loads of foam. Since my toilet was clean I filmed it (urged by an unnamed blogger). Have a look at this worldwide phenomenal and excuse my girlie voice. I was surprised!

ps: yes I was really surprised. This roll was here when we got the place. Now I realize many of you would have changed the roll into one of their own immediately, but hey, I'm a sucker for free toilet paper and that habit resulted into this miracle!


Schweigsame said...

What a hoot!

Here in the US a toilet paper company is heavily advertising on TV that their toilet paper HAS no roll, and so it saves the environment to not have all those BILLIONS of toilet paper rolls clogging landfills and causing pollution.


And I wonder what happens when you get to the last quarter of the roll, and there's not enough paper to form a firm roll.... The whole thing strikes me as a really stupid idea that should never have made it out of the (wine-and-martini-soaked?) corporate lunch where it was hatched.

ennalegov said...

It's a true miracle! :-)