Friday, March 18, 2011

Kylie - Aphrodite Les Folies Tour

Last night I visited Kylie's Aphrodite Les Folies Tour. The concert was replaced from the very large Gelredome to the very small Heineken Music Hall due to lack of sales. On a very positive note, I prefer the smaller venues. Makes a concert way more intimate and the chances of being very in the back are limited.

I went with a good circle of friends and we arrived about half an hour prior to the concert. Not in the front, but pretty good sight on the stage, which covered the venue almost from front to back.

The pre-show was done by a DJ who acted very dead to me. No problem since I didn't come for him. I came for Kylie! And I hate to admit it, but with all the advanced techniques and props and flying angels and waterfountains, this little lady became a little invisible. She delivered, oh she did! She sang beautifully, she smiled like only she can smile, but on many points in the show I really didn't see her. All I saw was light, costumes and props.

It's not a bad thing, I enjoyed the concert very much. Not as much as some of her previous concerts, but maybe I will change my mind after seeing it on DVD. Maybe they edit out some of the dead moments. I know it sounds spoiled, but 30 seconds of darkness and silence is just not her style. It should all have blended together as one performance.

Oh, and one more suggestion to the creative director of the show (and I know it has been explained to Peter Champion and his wife Elsa years ago): Rome has nothing to do with the ancient Greeks. They were not joined cities, so next time you put a show like this together, make a choice between Greek Gods (as the title of the show suggests) and leave out the Romans. Thank you!


Writer said...

I'd love to see this, but I can't really afford it. Though Kylie in May in Fort Lauderdale would be heaven. Maybe next tour. :)

daan said...

I couldn't afford it either. It was a birthday gifdt from Peter last November. Too bad he himself had to cancel.