Thursday, March 17, 2011

BlueBuck - Underwear for Real Men

What a great find! BlueBack designs underwear for the real man. And I must admit I'm as a real man myself that the underwear looks great and the campaign looks even better! A real man enjoying himself outdoors in nothing but his fresh cotton underwear! Great contrast to those Bjorn Borgs that keep popping up on those young skinny guys. Or as they state themself:

We believe in men being men.
We believe mountains were made for climbing, rivers were made for swimming,
and fun is getting wet, cold, dirty and exhausted.
We believe self-confidence is more attractive than self-obsession.
We believe perfection isn’t sexy.
We believe underwear decorated with garish colors, cartoon animals
and dumper trucks are great … for two year olds.
We believe caring about quality means products look better and last longer.


Writer said...

I can't decide. Do I want the underwear? Or do I want the real man in (and out) of the underwear??

Lovely. :)

sam scott schiavo said...

I agree, love the real man used as the model, ain't nothin' like a a simple white 100% cotton pair of BVD's or Fruit of the Loom or a REAL MAN!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! We're making a custom pair of slippers for you :)” oh wow thank you!!

Anonymous said...

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daan said...

I have a blog where you can follow my blog :)