Sunday, February 5, 2012

Movie Night

Sunday Night was Movie Night. And a beautiful Movie Night it was. Peter and I went to the movies with my sister and her Fredje outside Arnhem since the movie we wanted to see didn't play in Arnhem on a Sunday night (it does play on weekdays at 11 in the morning... wtf???).

We went to see Black Out, a Dutch movie made by a guy who grew up in the area we grew up in and is about the same age as we are (and also one of the guys Peter kissed when he was a teenager). In the style of the movies of Guy Ritchie it was a great one and a half hour of criminal activities, misunderstandings, coloured characters and two beautiful chicks. Great movie and to all my Dutch readers: go see Black Out!

Because the movie was only 90 minutes, there was time for a short movie before the feature film started. It's called "Suiker" (Sugar in English) and whoohoo, this brilliant 8 minute masterpiece is on YouTube. So turn down the lights, grab a bag of M&M's and pretend you're in the theatre with this very entertaining shorty below. Enjoy!


Roache said...

Bam! It was a very nice closure of a tremendous weekend!

ennalegov said...

WonderfulPounderful! (new word by AVOG)

J@v@JuNKo said...

LOL!! That was more entertaining than some 2 hour movies that I've watched!!