Monday, February 6, 2012

Travelling in Style

Madonna made quite the entrance last night during her Superbowl Halftime Show. I've never watched American Football, so when I tuned into the game last night on BBC1 I really had no clue what those guys in their see-through pants with clearly visible jockstraps were doing.

Just before I wanted to go to bed, Madonna was announced. The lights turned down and Vogue started playing. And there she was, travelling in style, carried by a troop of Roman warriors towards the beautifull designed stage.

Vogue blended into Music. A very physical performance with great dance moves and the guys of LMFAO joining her on stage sampling their music into hers. She really IS sexy and she knows it!

Then it was time for some promotion for Give Me All Your Luvin' (there are still one or two countries in this world where she didn't reach #one yet!), so Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. emerged from the stage and the three of them cheerlead their way through this happy tune.

No football game without a marching band, so there it was, lead by Cee Lo Green. He opened his heart and expressed himself before the two of them gave away a beautiful version of Like A Prayer. Glad Cee Lo Green was there, because without him there wouldn't be any singing at all that night. That man really is Donna AND Nikki rolled into one!

And exactly 13 minutes after she started, on the last notes of Like A Prayer, a smoke curtain sucked her back into the stage. "And it feels like Home" her recorded voice sung, when she went back to the darkness below. Madonna is not the Goddess we all thought she was. She's Satan herself, feeling at home in fire and brimstone. Amen!

In case you're one of the people who hasn't seen the show:


J@v@JuNKo said...

Bang on! What a ray of light to watch!!

ennalegov said...

BAM, FanFuckingTastic!!!!!!!!!

ennalegov said...

`FUCK a DUCK. Really really good! So good, i don't mind she tripped on the stairs not all songs where live!

glen0330 said...

You failed to mention she slipped and almost fell on her ass 4 minutes into her totally lip synced performance. I thought the music drowned her out most of the show and her costumes/light display out shined her. And no close up to show how she's aging.

daan said...

But Glen, aging is human so why would you like to focus on that? We all age and so does Madonna. Aging is not an issue for me. So isn't slipping. I've walked on heels once and I slipped all the time. On a clear surface! :-)))

I'm a critic when it comes to Madonnahood, ask my friends. But I'm not a critic fan focussing on things that are normal. Like aging or misstepping.